With the impending release of his fourth album, Pictures of Us, Braden Gates has already proven himself to be deserving of a wider audience and more than worthy of the attention he’s already received in the space of five short years. Gates has played roots-music haunts like The Blue Chair and the Uptown Folk Club in Edmonton, while accepting much sought after gigs at regional festivals like Pembina River Nights and the Beaumont Blues Festival. He has also been invited to play the prestigious Edmonton Folk and Vancouver Island Music Festivals- all before hitting his 22nd birthday. Gates was nominated for the 2017 Emerging Artist of the Year and Contemporary Artist of the Year Awards at the Canadian Folk Music Awards. With a new album mixed, mastered, and set for a late fall 2018 release on Canada’s premier folk/roots label, Borealis Records, this inspired singer-songwriter simply looks to win over new audiences at every opportunity.

Braden Gates is one of those singer/songwriters that stops your drunken conversation and makes you say, “Who the fuck is that singing?” Subtle folk sensibilities mixed with an enigmatic storytelling charm, Gates’ authenticity stumbles through his music like your favourite drunk uncle.”

Vue Weekly

Edmonton's own Braden Gates is a folk singer through and through, and in the best possible sense of the word. His songs are full of stories that flow through him easily, and with all the grace, empathy and nuance that masterful story telling requires”

— Edmonton Folk Music Festival

Gates’ warm and slightly gravelly voice relays stories that are funny and heartbreaking — usually over the course of the same tune. Full of wit and wisdom, folksy charm and sharp observations, Gates’ compositions are relevant and, strangely, very rooted in the present —even if he plays that fiddle and picks that guitar like an artist three times his age.”

— Calgary Folk Music Festival

Gates is a prolific live performer, playing around Edmonton and Western Canada, recently springing to Calgary for a few sets at Wide Cut Weekend. He often sits with his audience, swapping between guitar and fiddle, cracking jokes as he plays. There’s a polish and wisdom to his words that fit well beyond his years, likely due to his heavy catalogue that puts most songwriters to shame.”

— Beatroute

Beyond any specific tune, Gates’ gifts as a wordsmith, or his talents arranging fine melodies for acoustic strings, there’s an intangible quality to the man’s work — call it sincerity — that makes you want to listen. His tunes remind you again why we’re all called to explore art at some time or other, for that sense of sharing the common human experience.”

— Edmonton Journal

I was reminded several times of a young Loudon Wainwright: by some similar gurning and grimacing as he hits the notes, but also for the sharpness of his observation and sly humour - he's another born raconteur, in both his songwriting and his on-stage introductions. I can still see - and almost smell - Chicago Bob, the retired bank-robber Braden encountered in the Commercial Hotel in Old Strathcona and who inspired 'Life's A Picture'...”

— Eden On The Line UK