t o d d s ni d e r

my number one
he is on another planet

j o h n p ri n e 

obviously john prine
the patron saint
in the name of the father and the son
and the holy prine

s a m b a k e r

i can't remember the first time i saw sam play
i've seen him a few times
once in memphis at folk alliance
another time at the artery in edmonton
in 2012 i shared a workshop stage with him at the vancouver island music fest
his words and stories are breathtaking
raw, emotional, authentic
something to aspire to


b i l l m o r r i s s e y 

i heard john gorka sing one of bill's songs
'she's that kind of mystery'
it did not hit me right away
but the more i listened, the more i wanted to
his songs read like short stories at times
funny and heartbreaking, as life can be
a vulnerability in his voice that cuts


j i l l s o b u l e

engaging, quirky, poignant
three words i would use to describe Jill
i have a song called 'make me a mexican wrestler'
partly inspired by her