this is braden gates

Braden Gates is a young man, which may come as a surprise to anyone who has heard his brand of classic foot stompin’, fiddle playin’, guitar pickin’ folk. It would be easy to stereotype Gates as an old soul, but despite his love of traditional folk instrumentation and songwriting and old timey stage clothes, Gates’ sound carries a youthful feel and never feels affected or inauthentic. Through the ease with which he bows his fiddle and picks his guitar, and the straightforward uncluttered honesty of his lyrics, Gates has a natural way with a story. And storytelling really is at the centre of Gates’ writing: songs about characters hanging out on Edmonton’s Whyte Avenue (unabashed local references are peppered throughout Gates’ work) and other tales of lives lived. Gates’ warm and slightly gravelly voice relays stories that are funny and heartbreaking — usually over the course of the same tune. Full of wit and wisdom, folksy charm and sharp observations, Gates’ compositions are relevant and, strangely, very rooted in 2016 —even if he plays that fiddle and picks that guitar like an artist three times his age.

Edmontone Demos Vol. Three

by Braden Gates

recorded on March 18th, 2016 at Edmontone Studios with Jesse Northey

Edmontone Demos Vol. Four

by Braden Gates

recorded on April 25th w/ Jesse Northey at Edmontone Studios

recorded using a 90 dollar guitar purchased at Lilo's Music on Whyte Avenue - they put out old beater guitars on the floor if they can't really fix them up and label them as 'busker guitars' and sell them for cheap. I strolled in one day just wandering around and found this little gem that you hear. It's an old yamaha, classical guitar. It feels great to play. The back is held on with black electrical tape it looks like, and it's spray painted black haha. I keep it in my car and noodle around on it whenever I have some spare time - which is always! LOL. I love the way it sounds - especially in 'Mama, I've Tried'

Edmontone Demos Vol. Five

by Braden Gates