"Break It to Me Gently is an album of solid story songs. They are stories from his life and from the lives of the grizzled old men he keeps company in the afternoon at Blues On Whyte. They’re simple and sweet. No, the album isn’t pushing the boundaries of music, but it’s honest. These are the types of song that give you a contented smile as you doze in the sun at folk fest. Give ‘em a try. Pass Braden Gates the mic and try tapping into your soft side."

"As far as classic guitar folk goes, no one in Edmonton is so virtuose as the young Braden Gates. His breed of folk music is that familiar American finger picking kind that tilled the hearts of a generation that woke up as if from a stupor of violence and senseless instrumental rationality. This is exactly what our generation needs, though who knows if it will break through in the same shape. Nevertheless, this is a sound that echoes robustly in a democratic spirit. It is a gentle immediate music that pulls you softly through modernity’s unique disorientation. It is transcendental, in the same sense Whitman or Emerson was."

"I was reminded several times of a young Loudon Wainwright: by some similar gurning and grimacing as he hits the notes, but also for the sharpness of his observation and sly humour - he's another born raconteur, in both his songwriting and his on-stage introductions. I can still see - and almost smell - Chicago Bob, the retired bank-robber Braden encountered in the Commercial Hotel in Old Strathcona and who inspired 'Life's A Picture'..."